Let’s Talk About Me

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I’m named after my grandma, Andrena, and proud of it. A one-letter difference means that we always both answer when people say one of our names and I get accidental calls from my grandpa all the time 😂

I grew up in small-town Illinois, in a town called Wyoming. Every time someone would ask where I was from, they thought I meant the state of Wyoming and got super interested until I told them it was Wyoming, Illinois 😂 I’m an only child and speak fluent Simlish (lol). I took dance and tumbling lessons from about 5 years old until I graduated high school, and worked for Universal Cheerleaders Association when I was in college. I might be out of shape, but I can still do a backflip or two without breaking my hip.

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This is my hubby, Cody. He’s my best friend, my cheerleader, and a total freaking goofball 😂He has the prettiest auburn hair and the cutest wrinkles when he smiles. I’m totally smitten with this dude, nbd.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we have three rambunctious, silly, independent little girls and one giant dog-puppy.

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