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Hi! I’m Andrea and this is me + my babe. Lover of mashed potatoes, palm trees, Jack Black, true crime podcasts, and Starbucks DoubleShot. Hater of math problems, soggy french fries, decaf, and pants. I met a guy in a dive bar 9 years ago and he is now my husband. We have 3 little girls, Rosie, Sadie, and Carly + a big, fluffy golden retriever named Snarles Barkley. I quote too many movies and eat too many tacos.

I’m obsessed with travel and adventure, and have big plans to see the world. I’m based in the crazy flat plains of Illinois, but I’ll go anywhere you need me!

I’m what you’d call an unposed photographer. I dig candid, real moments. Big moments, small moments, and moments in between. Madly-in-love couples and PDA are my bread and butter. What’s a session without tickling until you can't breathe, booty grabs, and droppin’ it like it’s hot?! I'm so fortunate to be doing what I love with couples that love what I do. Let's grab a beer and do this thang. I’m a great third wheel – promise!


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