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Rachel + Ethan | Dreamy Saint Sharbel Wedding | Illinois Wedding Photographer

PSA: this wedding will give you allllllll the design inspiration, including a tinted wedding dress, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and a perfect fall color palette. I'm obsessing over this gallery so so much.

I've known Rachel for years and she's one of the kindest, most stylish, Target-loving beauties I've ever met. She was another one of my very first models when I started photography so many years ago, so I obviously jumped out of my shoes when she asked if I would be her wedding photographer. Like... YES girl! I literally died and came back to life when I saw her dress (the most amazing grey BHLDN gown), and couldn't shut up about the fact that she went with mismatched bridesmaids dresses of all different styles and colors (my absolute freakin' fav). Like, this wedding is goals and you'll totally agree with me.

Rach and Ethan have been my weather-plagued couple since day one. We had to reschedule their engagement session several times due to snow, rain, and just overall sucky weather. When Rachel found out she was pregnant with Elsie they made the decision to postpone their wedding from spring 2018 to fall 2018, which ended up being the best decision ever because their spring wedding date ended up being the freak snowstorm that dropped a foot of snow, whiteouts, and basically totally un-driveable conditions.

So when we saw the forecast for their fall wedding date, we weren't surprised to find that they were calling for unnatural freezing temperatures and rain. Fortunately, we ended up with partly sunny skies (still freezing, but we can't complain) and got to spend most of our day outdoors in the most perfect light. Seriously, the most perfect! Faith in Mother Nature: restored.

I'm so stoked to share my favorites with you!

The Pollack Wedding 1.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 2.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 3.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 4.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 5.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 6.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 7.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 8.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 9.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 10.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 11.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 12.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 13.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 14.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 15.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 16.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 17.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 18.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 19.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 20.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 21.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 22.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 23.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 24.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 25.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 26.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 27.jpg
The Pollack Wedding 28.jpg
Mandy + Kyle | Sunny Parker Run Vineyard Wedding | Illinois Wedding Photographer

I'm sitting here, currently in the middle of a huge snowstorm, paying tribute to warmer days and crying just a little (kidding... kind of). All wedding days are perfect – seriously, they are! – despite occasional minor setbacks and weather mishaps, but Mandy and Kyle's day was actual perfection. It was a random, perfect, sunny, fall, fair-weather day in the midst of a cool dip, and it went off without a hitch. Everyone was happy, fun, cooperative, and sassy. Sassiness makes my day way more fun and I love laughing 24/7, so these were my people 100% 😂

I'm so obsessed with everything about this day, so keep scrolling to see my favorites (basically everything).

McGee 1.jpg
McGee 2.jpg
McGee 3.jpg
Alicja + Marcin | Chicago Lake Shore Engagement | Illinois Engagement Photographer
Brianna + Tony | Historic Galena Engagements | Illinois Engagement Photographer

I love dogs, and I love people that want their pup in their photos with them. Especially when they're as photogenic as these three. I meeeeean DANG.

I drove up to Dubuque to begin Brianna + Tony's engagement session in their (let's be honest) GLORIOUS Pinterest house. I kept blurting out "oh my god, i'm so excited" and there were tons of puppy snuggles, so it was basically a dream come true. From there, we drove over to the historic town of Galena for some sightseeing and a killer sunset. I'd never been there before even though I'd heard about it so many times, and will absolutely be going back. It was literally the cutest town ever.

I had the most amazing time hanging out with these guys and am super excited to share my favorites from their session!