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Natalie + Aston | In-Home First Birthday | Illinois Family Photographer

I looooove this family 😍 Even though I haven’t known them very long, it feels like it’s been a lifetime. Natalie first contacted me when she was pregnant with Aston, and her and her hubby Dave braved the cold and snow for the most extra maternity session I’ve ever done. Hell, I still talk about it to this day! It’s one of my all-time favorites, so of course I was pumped when they wanted me to document Aston’s first year. It’s a little bittersweet that this was our last session, but I have every intention of forcing them into family photos at least twice a year 😂Too much?!

Sweet, sweet little Aston. How awesome it’s been to see him grow from the tiniest little peanut to such a little man! He’s seriously the smiliest baby ever and I can’t even with his cute little face. I just want to squeeze him all da time. Also, I can’t wrap up this little love note without mentioning Natalie’s style and the outfits she always puts Aston and herself in. I always know I’ve got nothing to worry about and don’t even give her wardrobe inspiration anymore. I’ve said it before, but I would totally hire her as my personal stylist and if I ever stop caring about sitting around in no pants and a messy bun so much, I will.

P.S. this is my in-home studio! It’s a constant work in progress, but I’m psyched to finally have it close enough to completion to put it into use. Hit ya girl up to avoid the cold, do allll the cozy in-home sessions, or shoot some boudoir for your man. I’m obsessed!

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Rachael + Eric | Golden Hillside Engagement | Illinois Wedding Photographer
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Rachael and Eric are the sweetest, cutest couple on the planet. We had the most perfect fall day to frolic in the warm sun and inhale an infinite amount of little golden fuzzies. But the golden fuzzies in the sun? Like magical unicorn glitter. I’m pumped to share my favorites from their session!

Rachael + Eric Blog 1.jpg
Rachael + Eric Blog 2.jpg
Rachael + Eric Blog 3.jpg
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Rachael + Eric Blog 13.jpg
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Rachael + Eric Blog 16.jpg
Rachael + Eric Blog 17.jpg
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Rachael + Eric Blog 32.jpg
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Rachael + Eric Blog 36.jpg
Alicja + Marcin | Chicago Lake Shore Engagement | Illinois Engagement Photographer
Brianna + Tony | Historic Galena Engagements | Illinois Engagement Photographer

I love dogs, and I love people that want their pup in their photos with them. Especially when they're as photogenic as these three. I meeeeean DANG.

I drove up to Dubuque to begin Brianna + Tony's engagement session in their (let's be honest) GLORIOUS Pinterest house. I kept blurting out "oh my god, i'm so excited" and there were tons of puppy snuggles, so it was basically a dream come true. From there, we drove over to the historic town of Galena for some sightseeing and a killer sunset. I'd never been there before even though I'd heard about it so many times, and will absolutely be going back. It was literally the cutest town ever.

I had the most amazing time hanging out with these guys and am super excited to share my favorites from their session!

Jackie + The Boys | Family Session in the Wildflowers | Illinois Family Photographer

Oh, HAAAAY my beautiful friend and her twinnies. I was so stoked that Jackie got ahold of me for her family session because I miss her so much, and let's be honest... #GOALS. I can't get over how big Jay and Jax have gotten since I've seen them last! I went to high school with Jackie and she was my people. Fast forward to college and we were UCA instructors together and made SO many road trips, so we go waay back. Now she has the two sweetest boys and I just love seeing them when they make their way back to small town Illinois! Miss you, love you, you're my fav.