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Brianna + Tony | Historic Galena Engagements | Illinois Engagement Photographer

I love dogs, and I love people that want their pup in their photos with them. Especially when they're as photogenic as these three. I meeeeean DANG.

I drove up to Dubuque to begin Brianna + Tony's engagement session in their (let's be honest) GLORIOUS Pinterest house. I kept blurting out "oh my god, i'm so excited" and there were tons of puppy snuggles, so it was basically a dream come true. From there, we drove over to the historic town of Galena for some sightseeing and a killer sunset. I'd never been there before even though I'd heard about it so many times, and will absolutely be going back. It was literally the cutest town ever.

I had the most amazing time hanging out with these guys and am super excited to share my favorites from their session!